Chernobylite Finally Adds Pripyat Area And Continues The Tatyana Investigation

Survival-horror game, Chernobylite has finally added the much-awaited Pripyat area to the game. Players will now be able to visit places like the amusement park, Lenin Square, Palace of Culture Energetik and the Polissya Hotel.

Below are details of the new additions to the game, as mentioned by a press release:

New character – Olga

A tough Ukrainian teenage girl. She’s one of the inhabitants of “The Village” – a settlement deep in the dreary Red Forest. She fears no one and hates NAR with a passion after witnessing their cruelty. Her goal is simple but difficult to achieve – she wants all of NAR out of Chernobyl, or dead (and not exactly in that order). Olga can be recruited to the base and sent on missions. The player can also learn new skills from her.

New story missions

The developers from The Farm 51 have added four new quests related to Georgiy, Sashko, and Olga. The player will meet some new characters but say goodbye to others. Or vice versa. It is all the player’s choice. The Red Forest has also been filled with several new events. Who (or what) will be found when exploring this part of the Zone?

Technical improvements

Chernobylite now supports DirectX 12. Players owning compatible graphics cards (especially AMD) can test it and check its influence on visual performance of the game.

Cooperation with AMD

Thanks to cooperation with AMD, FidelityFX features have also been added to the game. Activating CAS should allow gamers to play at a lower resolution, or lower “resolution scale,” while maintaining very high image quality. Players can also improve the quality of the game, with virtually no effect on performance. FidelityFX works on all graphics cards, regardless of manufacturer.

Localization improvements

Finally, A TON of things related to localization and UX have been improved, from the UI to dialogs. Not everything is working perfectly yet, but progress is clearly visible. A system that replaces all missing voice-overs with appropriately processed and customized voice synthesis has been added, and dialogs are now consistently indicated. This should also be an optimal solution for players who do not speak Russian but are using Russian voice-overs for greater immersion. This system can be turned on or off in the Options menu.

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