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Coding is an in-demand skill in many industries, and you can accelerate your career by becoming an expert.

Consider an online course to learn how to code. This option is also ideal if you want to pursue coding as a hobby. 

Quick Look: Best Courses to Learn How to Code

Here are Benzinga’s top picks: 

What Makes a Coding Course Great? 

Here’s what to look for in an introductory coding course. 

Hands-On Opportunities

The best coding courses for beginners feature hands-on instruction that allows you to follow along without feeling confused or overwhelmed. Look for options with facilitators who take an interactive approach and offer projects and assignments to complete.


Some get the mechanics of coding right away while others need more time. Avoid courses that impose strict deadlines to ensure you have ample time to review the material and fully understand the core concepts introduced in the lessons before moving on to other segments. Otherwise, you could find yourself skipping over vital information that you should fully comprehend to be an effective coder. 


Coding courses are available for all budgets. A higher price point doesn’t always equate to more value, so carefully evaluate your top options and eliminate courses that are out of your budget. Strapped for cash? Enroll in a free class and only consider those with an enrollment fee later when you have more wiggle room in your budget. 

Our Top Picks

We’ve scoured the web to bring you the best courses to learn how to code from Coursera, edX, LinkedIn Learning, Team Treehouse and Udemy. We’ve provided detailed information on each class and the price point to facilitate the decision-making process. 

Best Courses to Learn How to Code

Learn coding from scratch to accelerate your career or expand your knowledge. These courses provide step-by-step instructions to show you how.

Programming for Kids and Beginners: Learn to Code in Scratch

Beginner • 38 videos • 7.6 hours