Batman Arkham City at 12.5 million copies: data updated 8 years since the last time

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As fans continue to await the return of the Batman Arkham series, we receive an unexpected update on the sales of Batman Arkham City, the second highly appreciated Masked Bat adventure developed by Rockstedy Studios.

The latest official sales figures date back to February 2012, when four months after the launch of Warner Bros. Games let us know that it had distributed 6 million copies of Batman Arkham City on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Almost two generations later we find out that in its first year the game was successful place a total of 12.5 million units, generating more than $ 600 million in revenue. The information was found on the LinkedIn profile of the Global Franchise Marketing Manager who worked on the promotional campaign in 2011 and 2012. Since then a lot of water has passed under the bridges – the game has also received a remastering, together with its predecessor, in the Return collection to Arkham – therefore the real total could be much higher.

This speaks volumes about success of a series which, despite having scored two generations of consoles, turns out to be far from the scene for five years. Rocksteady, after having released Batman Arkham Knight, the final chapter of his trilogy, has literally disappeared from the radar, while rumors continue to chase on the web about a certain Batman Gotham Knights, presumably in production at Warner Bros. Montreal (the same as Arkham Origins).

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