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Joseph in the Bible, it was, that had infectious dreams, which at times felt wild but nevertheless came devastatingly true.

Can you imagine the dreamer dreaming all of his 10 elder siblings, with their parents, would bow before him — him, mere second to the last born, senior only to Benjamin?

Joseph dreamt it.  It was wild and crazy.  Still, it came to pass: after Joseph correctly interpreted, to Pharaoh, seven lean cows swallowing seven fat ones, to mean seven years of famine after seven years of plenty.

That catapulted Joseph, the Jew, to becoming prime minister and grains-manager-in-chief, to the Egyptian Pharaoh; long before the Pharoah that knew no Joseph came upon the scene, and turned that gain into a latter-day Jewish nightmare!

So, if former Vice President Atiku Abubakar dreams — for Atiku, hope springs eternal in his presidential dream — don’t be in such a hurry to dismiss his dreams.  You might just lack knowledge for the right interpretation!

So, the other day, Atiku emerged from a conclave with Nyesom Wike, Rivers governor, grinning from ear to ear, and delivering the good news — Nigerians couldn’t wait to re-romp his PDP, the former federal ruling party, into power!

The source of this “good news”, Atiku didn’t say; but his infectious bliss showed it would be stupid to ask.  But ask, Hardball must: did the former Vee-Pee carry out a survey with a zero margin of error?

Or was it a combo of the psychic (sure-banker merry dreams) and the physical (rock-solid surveys)?  Was there another joker the merry and happy ex-Vee-Pee was just too beatified to disclose, in his extreme state of political beatitude?  No matter!

But His Political Beatitude, Alhaji (Dr) Atiku Abubakar gave a blessed hint: the current insecurity challenge, as a putative, formidable election winner, for his PDP. Quite!

That is just as Kola Ologbondiyan, his party’s national publicity czar, was waxing poetic, over a minority Supreme Court judgment that has no court value, as proof of APC’s sudden death!

Does he even realize that media frenzy, over the verdict, could have been pushed by APC hierarchs themselves, to settle intra-party scores?  Some parties do have ’em!

Still, as PDP gets excitable over insecurity — and don’t blame them: APC too used it to devastating effects against sorry Goodluck Jonathan, whose singular ill luck was Boko Haram flaring, and popping up Jihadist flags in territories, and killing as if killing might soon be out of fashion — Hardball hopes they’d have ready answers for waywardly blowing cash, in the season of plenty, with little or nothing to show, against APC’s contrary report card!

Maybe then, sweet dreams would morph into harsh reality — and perhaps, that dream of lean cows gobbling up fat ones, with more to show for less cash, would take an added Nigerian meaning, and make the oncoming electoral season all the more exciting!

Meanwhile, enjoy the happy Atiku and his dreams!  Like the vote in a democracy, happiness is, after all, free!

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