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Health matters, especially during a pandemic. Yet, Rutland’s downtown and students’ homes are being outfitted with 4G/5G antennas by VTel. Other Vermont towns are also in line for telecom’s Trojan Horse.

What’s so concerning about even more of telecom’s antennas surrounding us from inside our steeples, houses, silos and light poles? After all, we have antennas, too, such as cilia — the antennas of our cells, and the sweat duct’s helical antenna. That is the problem.

Our natural antennas are impacted by the man-made, pulsed, electromagnetic waves radiating from aptly named cellular and Wi-Fi antennas. The man-made signals change our natural cellular processes.

Experts, such as Dr. Martin Pall, Washington State professor of biochemistry and medical science, are scrambling to wake us up to the facts.

Viruses replicate more rapidly when hit with this unnatural pulsation and radiation. Immunity is lowered. Respiratory illnesses intensify. Those are each gateways for COVID-19. Telecom’s radio waves also increase the likelihood of other psychological, cognitive and physical suffering, including dying from pneumonia.

Is this what we want for our children, for ourselves?

We have better options. For example, students who are already expected to park in hot-spot parking lots to download their assignments could just as easily (and safely) download from a fiber-optic-cable station.

Faster, more reliable and secure Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) could be offered at less long-term cost and vastly less energy consumption. There simply is no justification for choosing to expose Vermonters to wireless radiation. None.

Despite these facts, Gov. Phil Scott has empowered Microsoft Corp.’s massive deployment of less reliable and less secure radio wave antennas across Vermont. Our airwaves and scenery will be canvassed with digital clutter — even blimps and electrosmog. That is the governor’s vision for Vermont. Is that ours?

School boards and other leaders need to hear from us. They assume we consent if we are silent. I firmly believe Vermont can, and should, do better, and the time is now.

Iishana Artra lives in Brattleboro.

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