Arntzen’s support for public education is a myth | Letters

This is a time of crisis for Montana public schools. Schools are facing huge budget shortfalls due to reduced tax revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools have unprecedented expenses for transportation, safety and hygiene, school meals and for the technology and connectivity needed for distance learning.

A recent letter praised Montana’s Superintendent of Education Arntzen for her support of K-12 education. The reality: She didn’t show up for K-12 education debates and refused to support Gov. Bullock’s K-12 funding bills to accelerate career readiness or supplement funding for special education public schools are required to provide.

Instead, Arntzen promotes privatization of public education that would drain funds from public schools to create private schools that most working Montanans can’t afford. Arntzen supports withholding federal funds from Montana schools that don’t reopen in the fall, regardless of risks to children.

In November, we have the opportunity to replace Arntzen with Melissa Romano, someone with a career teaching in Montana’s public schools. Romano will work to keep public funds in public schools and protect the health of our school children. In November, please vote for Melissa Romano, a true believer in public education.

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