Answering your COVID vaccine questions

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – As the COVID Vaccine becomes more readily available to the public many questions have arisen such as the safety of the vaccine the side effects and the benefit it will bring to ending this pandemic. Some are hesitant to receive their vaccine with concern of long term side affects. Data is actively being collected as millions vaccinate against COVID-19. Pharmacy Director at Great Plains Health, Jason North, says a common concern is pregnancy.

“The vaccine is not attacking any hormone or placental molecule there is no risk for infertility,” said North.

Side effects such as headache and body aches are common responses to the vaccine.

“Those are all common processes that our immune response flares up with when we’re either exposed to Coronavirus or we’re exposed to the vaccine. So the difference will be when you’re exposed to the disease then you start to get the respiratory issues and the increased oxygenation needs and the organ failure,” said North.

North says this vaccine will help produce antibodies to reach herd immunity and end this pandemic.

“Every patient that’s been here in our ICU would gladly have just taken the vaccine instead,” said North.

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