A Doctor Tackles Claims from the Viral Plandemic Video [ARTICLE]

“For the sake of education, there’s very little value in speculating on stories and claims that cannot be verified. I am a doctor, and not a detective, and I don’t want to turn this into a character assassination” he says.

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One claim that Doctor Mike targets is the idea that sheltering in place could be dangerous to our health. Plandemic asserts staying away from germs forces our immune systems to drop. However, the opposite is true, according to Doctor Mike. This claim is based on the hygiene theory , which indicates that your immune system overreacts to non threats if you’ve been overly protected from germs. And as Doctor Mike points out, this is typically discussed regarding children who are never allowed to play in the dirt or interact with others for fear of germs.

People who are practicing social distancing likely still encounter encounter germs at the grocery store or when stepping outside for fresh air.

Doctor Mike also addresses claims regarding vaccinations and COVID-19 misdiagnoses while remaining calm, clear, and most importantly, factual.

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