18 members named to newly formed Utah Board of Higher Education

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert has appointed 18 members to the new board that will oversee both public universities and technical colleges in the state.

Most of the members of the new group previously served on one of those earlier boards. They are:

There are also two student members: Glen Rivera, representing technical education, and Candyce Damron, representing traditional universities. All were confirmed by the Utah Senate earlier this month.

Newell, who will be a new addition to the board, currently serves on the Utah State Board of Education, which governs K-12 schools. He will finish out his term there — after also being appointed by the governor — at the end of the year and continue on with higher education. Nothing in the law, though, stops him from being on both boards at the same time.

The new Utah Board of Higher Education will oversee the eight public universities in the state and the eight technical colleges.

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